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Energy, Entropy, and Dissipative Dynamics

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February 20, 2020Templergraben 55, Room 114
Weekly Seminar
Convex optimization on measures with over-parameterized gradient descent
Lénaïc Chizat (Université Paris-Sud & CNRS (France))
Thu, 23 Jan 2020 • 10:30-11:30h • Templergraben 55, Room 114
Joint Analysis Seminar
Local strong solutions to a quasilinear degenerate fourth-order non-Newtonian thin-film equation
Christina Lienstromberg (University of Bonn (Germany))
Tue, 28 Jan 2020 • 10:30-11:30h • Pontdriesch 14-16, Room 008 (SeMath)
Weekly Seminar
The Moebius-invariant Willmore flow, and a bridge between Geometric Analysis and Arithmetic Geometry
Ruben Jakob (Technion Institute of Technology (Israel))
Tue, 28 Jan 2020 • 14:00-15:00h • Templergraben 55, Room 114
Weekly Seminar
Variation of singular integrals on uniformly rectifiable measures
Albert Mas Blesa (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Spain))
Thu, 30 Jan 2020 • 10:30-11:30h • Templergraben 55, Room 114
Weekly Seminar
Gradient Flow Finite Element Discretizations with Energy-Based Adaptivity for the Gross-Pitaevskii Equation
Benjamin Stamm (RWTH Aachen University)
Thu, 06 Feb 2020 • 10:30-11:30h • Templergraben 55, Room 114
Heiko von der Mosel (RWTH Aachen University)
Thu, 13 Feb 2020 • 10:30-12:00h • Templergraben 55, Room 114
Past Events
Weekly Seminar
Relative entropy for hyperbolic balance laws on networks
Jan Giesselmann (Darmstadt University of Technology (Germany))
Thu, 09 Jan 2020 • 10:30-11:30h • Templergraben 55, Room 114
Weekly Seminar
Gradient Flows for the Möbius Energy (joint work with Philipp Reiter)
Henrik Schumacher (University of Göttingen (Germany))
Thu, 12 Dec 2019 • 10:30-11:30h • Templergraben 55, Room 114
On the derivation of the linear Boltzmann equation and the emergence of the H Theorem
Martin Frank (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (Germany))
Thu, 05 Dec 2019 • 10:30-12:00h • Templergraben 55, Room 114
Joint Analysis Seminar
Models of tumor growth
Benoît Perthame (Laboratoire J.-L. Lions, Sorbonne-Université, Paris (France))
Tue, 03 Dec 2019 • 10:30-11:30h • Pontdriesch 14-16, Room 008 (SeMath)
Feedback Control for Linearized Hyperbolic Balance Laws
Stephan Gerster (RWTH Aachen University)
Thu, 21 Nov 2019 • 14:00-15:00h • Templergraben 55, Room 149
Weekly Seminar
Discrete-to-continuum variational analysis of lattice systems with bulk and surface scalings
Annika Bach (Technische Universität München (Germany))
Thu, 21 Nov 2019 • 10:30-11:30h • Templergraben 55, Room 114
More News & Events
No. 2019.09
Singular Support of Minimizers of the Causal Variational Principle on the Sphere
L. Bäuml, F. Finster, D. Schiefeneder, and H. von der Mosel
Subject: Classical analysis and ODEs, mathematical physics, functional analysis
No. 2019.08
Microscopic Derivation of Mean Field Game Models
M. Frank, M. Herty, and T. Trimborn
Subject: Mean field game, differential game, Nash equilibria, microscopic derivation, dynamic programming principle, scales, mean field limit, Levy-Levy-Solomon model
No. 2019.07
A Novel Full-Euler Low Mach Number IMEX Splitting
J. Zeifang , J. Schütz, K. Kaiser, A. Beck, M. Lukáčová-Medvidová and S. Noelle
Subject: Euler equations, low-Mach, IMEX Runge-Kutta, RS-IMEX
No. 2019.06
Kinetic Relaxation to Entropy Based Coupling Conditions for Isentropic Flow on Networks
Y. Holle
Subject: Hyperbolic conservation laws, network, coupling condition, isentropic gas dynamics, BGK model, kinetic entropy, relaxation limit
No. 2019.05
Existence and characterisation of magnetic energy minimisers on oriented, compact Riemannian 3-manifolds with boundary in arbitrary helicity classes
W. Gerner
Subject: Beltrami fields, helicity, constrained minimisation problems, magnetohydrodynamics
No. 2019.03
Hyperbolic stochastic Galerkin formulation for the p-system
S. Gerster, M. Herty, and A. Sikstel
Subject: hyperbolic partial differential equations, uncertainty quantification, stochastic Galerkin method, Euler equations, Roe variable transform
No. 2019.02
Relaxation to a planar interface in the Mullins-Sekerka problem
O. Chugreeva, F. Otto, and M. G. Westdickenberg
Subject: Mullins-Sekerka, energy method, relaxation rates, planar profile
No. 2019.01
A variational time discretization for compressible Euler equations
F. Cavalletti, M. Sedjro, and M. Westdickenberg
Subject: Compressible gas dynamics, optimal transport
No. 2018.10
A note on the stability of implicit-explicit flux-splittings for stiff systems of hyperbolic conservation laws
H. Zakerzadeh and S. Noelle
Subject: Stiff hyperbolic systems, flux-splitting, IMEX scheme, asymptotic preserving (AP) property, modified equation, stability analysis
No. 2018.09
Fluid-structure coupling of a linear elastic model with a compressible flow model with multilevel timestepping
M. Herty, S. Müller, and A. Sikstel
Subject: Fluid-structure interaction, coupling conditions, linear elastic model, compressible flow
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