Neeraj Sarna


Max Planck Institute für Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems, Magdeburg



Research Area

Non-linear and data-driven model reduction of hyperbolic equations, entropy stable and adaptive numerical schemes for kinetic equations, a-priori and a-posteriori error analysis, software development for scientific computing


  • Simultaneous-approximation-term based boundary discretization for moment equations of rarefied gas dynamics
    N. Sarna, H. Kapadia, and M. Torrilhon
    J. Comput. Phys. 407 (2020), 109243, 31 pp.
    doi: 10.1016/

  • Convergence Analysis of Grad’s Hermite Expansion for Linear Kinetic Equations
    N. Sarna, J. Giesselmann, and M. Torrilhon
    SIAM J. Numer. Anal. 58 (2020), no. 2, 1164–1194
    doi: 10.1137/19M1270884

  • Moment Method for the Boltzmann Equation of Reactive Quaternary Gaseous Mixture
    N. Sarna, G. Oblapenko, and M. Torrilhon
    Phys. A 574 (2021), Paper No. 125874, 19 pp.
    doi: 10.1016/j.physa.2021.125874
    Preprint arXiv:2009.03013

  • Entropy stable Hermite approximation of the linearised Boltzmann equation for inflow and outflow boundaries
    N. Sarna and M. Torrilhon
    J. Comput. Phys. 369 (2018), 16–44
    doi: 10.1016/

  • On stable wall boundary conditions for the Hermite discretization of the linearised Boltzmann equation
    N. Sarna and M. Torrilhon
    J. Stat. Phys. 170 (2018), no. 1, 101–126
    doi: 10.1007/s10955-017-1910-z

  • Hierarchical Boltzmann simulations and model error estimation
    M. Torrilhon and N. Sarna
    J. Comput. Phys. 342 (2017), 66–84
    doi: 10.1016/

  • On the moments of the Boltzmann’s collision operator arising from chemical reactions
    N. Sarna and M. Torrilhon
    AIP Conference Proceedings 1786, 140005 (2016)
    doi: 10.1063/1.4967636